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Literary Works By a Notable Alternative Medicine Doctor

Dr. Smith brings more than five decades of clinical experience to his patients — and now those interested in learning more about his unique approach to natural medicine and alternative treatments can dig into a wealth of knowledge in his books. A vast spectrum of knowledge, an open mind, and many years of hands-on research and analysis has led Dr. Smith to document his findings. Learn more about his books below, then order your own copy today.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith’s Library of Titles Includes:

  • Alternative Treatments for Conquering Chronic Pain
  • Cancer Deconstructed
  • Cranial Dental Sacral Complex
  • Remove the “Splinters” and Watch the Body Heal
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Making Alternatives Conventional

In this day and age, we know more about how the body works than ever before. Unfortunately, we can often get stuck in a rut of choosing options for our health that are out of date and ineffective. Dr. Smith’s work focuses on seeking out alternatives to traditional treatments and medicines in order to provide a different approach to our health. Take advantage of Dr. Smith’s decades of knowledge by shopping his alternative treatment books on a variety of topics.

Who Is Dr. Gerald H. Smith?

Dr. Smith is a World Organization for Natural Medicine-certified doctor who practices natural medicine across the globe. With post-graduate training that focuses on dentistry and medicine, Dr. Smith sought to uncover unique treatments to help the body heal. The president of the International Center for Nutritional Research, Dr. Smith also maintains a private dental practice in Pennsylvania. His findings are available in the form of e-books and printed material, CDs and DVDs, and his extensive case studies on a variety of different topics. Explore our website to learn more about our approach to medicine and healing or read about Dr. Smith’s credentials here.

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Whether you’re interested in the fundamentals of Vibrational Medicine or the secrets of anti-aging, alternative medicine may provide you with the keys to unlocking a better life. Each of Dr. Smith’s books cover a vast range of topics and are designed to provide you with a unique insight into natural and holistic medicine and the benefits of alternative versus conventional treatments.

Other Ways to Learn From Dr. Smith

In addition to books, the International Center for Nutritional Research is also pleased to offer capsules, liquids, powders, and tablets to help combat a variety of different issues. Our online store also contains CDs and DVDs in addition to the aforementioned books available from Dr. Smith.

Patients can also learn more about Dr. Smith’s upcoming seminars or book a half-hour consultation for $450. 

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