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By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on CereVen

60 capsules

CereVen™ provides a comprehensive premier quality formula that promotes support for the brain. It features three key nutraceutical blends: NeuroSynergy™, NeuroCleanse™, and IQ Pro™.

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By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Chaga

150 capsules

Chaga is a mushroom that grows in the forests of Northern Siberia and Northern Canada. Chaga is highly prized in Russian herbalism with the modern clinical research validating many of the health benefits described in the Russian sources. Chaga is unique among medicinal mushrooms and may be one of the most important anti-aging supplements yet discovered. Like all medicinal mushrooms Chaga contains the non-linear, complex polysaccharides that give the Chaga extracts potent immune supporting properties. However, Chaga also has an extremely high ORAC value (antioxidant properties), similar to that of blueberry extracts. Chaga also has melanin compounds that nourish the skin and hair. The betulin and betulinic acid compounds, similar to the triterpenes found in Reishi, also have immune supporting properties. Chaga is a mushroom that must be wild crafted as only those mushrooms harvested from living birch trees will have the full compliment of active compounds Chaga is famous for. Our Chaga extract is the only Chaga supplement available in North America that contains guaranteed levels of all the active compounds described in the scientific research.

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Choline Citrate

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Choline Citrate

7.86 fl oz

Pure Hypoallergenic components, fully bio-active, organic base, biochemically formulated, includes cofactors that are usable in generating high energy compounds, made from 100% vegetable sources.

Result: Dramatically betters cell communication, nerve impulses, & liver bile detox.
Benefit: Higher physical performance, mental endurance, and easy available energy.
Fact: Patented enhanced magnesium uptake system when paired with PERQUE Mg Plus Guard.

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By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Circulopath

2 fl oz

Circulopath is a homeopathic combination formula for the circulatory system. Including the heart, the circulatory system is an impressive network of 60,000 miles of blood vessels, from the tiniest capillaries that nourish the eyes to the vital vena cavae that carry blood to the heart.

For symptoms such as frequent yawning, poor memory, pulsating headache, fatigue, ringing in ears, weakness, cold extremities, and red, blotchy complexion.

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Coconut Oil

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Coconut Oil

18 fl oz

Coconut oil is classified as a superfood. In an unhydrogenated state, pure virgin coconut oil contains 92% saturated fat. This tropical oil contains an unusual blend of short- and medium-chain fatty acids, which is why it may offer some health benefits. It has several uses in medicine, food and industry. Premier Coconut Oil by Premier Research Labs is a virgin, raw, unprocessed coconut oil.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • It has a unique combination of fatty acids
  • It can increase your energy expenditure so you burn more fat
  • It can reduce hunger so you eat less
  • Its lauric acid kills bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • It may improve blood cholesterol levels

Premier Research Labs’ Premier Coconut Oil is shipped from Kerala, India, which is considered the finest source in the world, in nontoxic HDPE drums. To prevent oxidation, it is nitrogen flushed before shipping. When it reaches their U.S. facility, it is repackaged into light-blocking, nontoxic, PET plastic jars. It tests on to all 4 biofield polarities, and is 100% pure vegan, 100% excipient free and gluten free.

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By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Colo-Chord

2 fl oz

Colo-Chord is a homeopathic combination formula for symptoms related to irritation and toxic load of the intestines.

For symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramping, belching, indigestion, vomiting, gas pains, flatulence, and irregular stools

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By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Colostrum-IgG

60 capsules

Colostrum-IgGTM  features bovine colostrum with a whole host of naturally occurring immunoglobulins which effectively support immune health.  In addition, this concentrate delivers a full spectrum of multiple immune support agents, including naturally occurring amino acids, lactoferrin and immunoglobulins.

Premier Colostrum is highly nutritious, sourced from high quality dairy milk using low heat processing.  Premier Colostrum meets high purity standards because it is obtained from a select group of dairy farmers who are dedicated to producing quality colostrum.  The purity of our colostrum is verified through the examination and screening of inorganic materials.

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Colostrum-IgG (Powder)

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Colostrum-IgG (Powder)

5 oz powder

Nutrition That’s Not Just for Newborns

When we are all just infants, we typically get important nutrients from our mother’s milk. One substance in that milk, which all mammalian mothers produce after giving birth, is colostrum.

Colostrum gives newborns support for their immune and nervous system while providing nutrition for strength and stamina as they grow. But what if adults could harness the benefits of colostrum too?

With Colostrum IgG Powder from Premier Research Labs – you can! This powdered supplement is derived from bovine sources and is intended to support your overall health.

Product Details:

  • Whole Bovine Colostrum – not defatted
  • 100% Pesticide-free
  • Contains 25% Immunoglobulins for immune support
  • Also contains immune support agents lactoferrin, N-acetylneurominic acid and IGF-1
  • May boost immune system strength
  • May help fight infection
  • May provide strength and stamina support

This colostrum powder comes from organically fed cows. The animals have never been ill and are never commercially fed to avoid any potentially adverse symptoms.

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Coral Legend

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Coral Legend

8 oz powder

Coral Legend Powder from Premier Research Labs is a mineral supplement designed to support whole body health including bones, joints and alkaline balance.

Product Details:

  • 100% pure Sango marine coral powder
  • No fillers
  • Delivers highly ionized calcium and magnesium with superb absorption
  • May support whole body health and vitality

If the pH in your body becomes too acidic, it is more difficult for you to take in important nutrients like vitamins, minerals and herbs.

The highly ionized coral minerals in Coral Legend Powder provide support for alkaline pH, and have been shown to have superior bioavailability. Your body needs to break down calcium into its ionized form – but the coral calcium in this supplement is already ionized – which means it should be easier to absorb.

This product may be more useful when it is mixed with charged organic aloe vera, which has been fortified with negative ions for high energy potential.

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Coral Legend Plus

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Coral Legend Plus

300 capsules

A Sango Marine Coral Formula

Marine coral ingests a variety of natural minerals from ocean water. Harvested coral then contains high concentrations of these minerals. The best part is that they are in a unique ionized form. Premier Research Labs uses this marine coral in its Coral Legend Plus, a natural supplement that offers whole-body mineral support and an optimal alkaline pH.

Product Information

  • 2 capsules = 240 mg calcium and 120 mg magnesium
  • Sango marine coral formula
  • Provides whole-body mineral support, including bones, joints and teeth
  • Provides an optimal alkaline pH
  • Non-GMO

Premier Research Labs encapsulates this product in 100% solvent-free vegetable-based capsules. They are then packaged in PET plastic Violite bottles, which have been engineered to block the light frequencies from 450-720 nanometers, which create radiation damage to ingredients. This product also tests on to all 4 biofield polarities.

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Cordyceps from JHS Mushroom

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Cordyceps from JHS Mushroom

150 capsules

Occasional fatigue, adrenal support (similar to ginseng), supporting respiratory health, immune modulation, kidney support, increasing endurance and enhancing performance in athletic training and competition.

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Cordyceps Sinensis (540 Capsules)

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Cordyceps Sinensis (540 Capsules)

540 capsules

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Cordyceps Sinensis (60 Capsules)

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Cordyceps Sinensis (60 Capsules)

60 capsules

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Core Black Radish Blend

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Core Black Radish Blend

2 fl oz

Core Black Radish Blend is a botanical blend designed to support normal function of the liver and gallbladder as well as normal filtration and digestive function. This blend of black radish, beet root, milk thistle, cayenne, stoneroot, and condurango also helps support normal function of the mucosal lining.

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Core Carduus Marianus

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Core Carduus Marianus

2 fl oz

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Core Cats Claw

By ghsdoc / December 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Core Cats Claw

2 fl oz

Core Cat’s Claw is a botanical extract of the rainforest herb, Uncaria tomentosa. It was designed to help maintain normal immune response, prostaglandin response, and microbial balance.

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