Dental Whole Body Connection Residency Program

The Dental Whole Body Connection Program is designed to teach a comprehensive approach to resolving a broad spectrum of dentally caused medical issues. Doctor Smith’s 50 years of clinical practice provides the research for resolving chronic TMD, head, neck, facial and low back pain, resolving autoimmune diseases, congestive heart failure, cancer, vertigo, linked to dental origins; plus Lyme, Systemic Lupus, post-concussion syndrome, and many more medical issues that have a dental origin.  

Continuing Education Credits: This residency program provides 42 CEUs approved by The World Organization of Natural Medicine

Residency Objectives:

  • Defining and treating the underlying cause of diseases
  • The five key areas of dysfunction
  • Defining core issues using Quantum Energy Testing  Techniques
  • Participants are invited to bring a difficult patient for  evaluation
  • Defining the basis for post-concussion syndrome
  • How to manually correct a concussion patient
  • Understanding the physiology of aging and the disease process
  • How to treat dental pain and pathology with nutrients
  • Understanding and applying energetic medicine to dental and medical maladies
  • Live patient evaluations to enhance your learning experience


December 4 & 5, 2020
[Canceled Due to COVID Restrictions]
Quantum Nutrition for Detox and Healing

  • Learn how to sequence supplements for maximum effectiveness in resolving dental, medical issues
  • Learn the best supplements for restoring homeostais

Feb 5 & 6 2021
[TENTATIVE Pending Lifting of COVID Restrictions]
Correcting Post-Concussion Syndrome and other cranial distortions

    • Correcting Post-Concussion Syndrome
    • Correcting cranial distortions to restore TMJ and occlusal balance