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By ghsdoc / February 15, 2021 /

Whether you’re interested in the fundamentals of Vibrational Medicine or the secrets of anti-aging, alternative medicine may provide you with the keys to unlocking a better life. Each of Dr. Smith’s books cover a vast range of topics and are designed to provide you with a unique insight into natural and holistic medicine and the…

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Why Are People Drawn to Natural Medicine?

By ghsdoc / July 7, 2020 /

Natural medicine — sometimes also referred to as alternative medicine — is something that the team at the International Center for Nutritional Research is incredibly passionate about. Needless to say, we believe that alternative treatments can make a world of difference for many people, and that’s why we’re proud to offer a variety of seminars,…

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Can Natural Healing Be Found in Yoga?

By ghsdoc / June 19, 2020 /

At the International Center for Nutritional Research, we believe that alternatives can become conventional. That’s why whether you’re interested in natural medicine or alternative healing, you’re in the right place. Led by Dr. Smith, who brings over five decades of clinical experience to the table, ICNR was formed with one goal in mind — to…

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Simple Herbal Remedies From Your Garden

By ghsdoc / June 15, 2020 /

It’s that time of year again — for the most part, the cold weather has departed and been replaced with beautiful sun and the occasional rainshower. Of course, being in the middle of a global pandemic means that many of us have more time on our hands than ever before. It just makes sense to…

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Can Meditation Help Those Who Deal With Chronic Pain?

By ghsdoc / May 27, 2020 /

At the International Center for Nutritional Research, we believe in the power of natural medicine and alternative treatments. After all, because many commercial products and regular treatments focus on only the symptoms and not on underlying causes, it’s impossible to get to the root issue. Luckily, there are many options available, and our goal is…

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3 Reasons to Consider Alternative Treatments

By ghsdoc / May 13, 2020 /

At the International Center for Nutritional Research, our goal is to provide our patients with the information they need to find treatments that are right for them. These days, more and more people are turning to alternative medicine and seeking out doctors with a holistic practice. No matter what you’re dealing with, considering all of…

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8 Simple Herbal Remedies From Your Garden

By ghsdoc / May 2, 2020 /

Spring is the ideal time to start a garden. Whether it’s a vegetable or flower garden, homegrown produce and herbs are a wonderful way to spend more time in nature and to fill up your home with a variety of alternative medicines! In this blog, we’re focusing on alternative herbs that may help with many…

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Can Diet Help Relieve Chronic Pain?

By ghsdoc / April 24, 2020 /

Chronic pain, pain that lasts longer than three months, is a condition that many people struggle with. Oftentimes people resort to using prescription painkillers, many of which come with lists of side effects and long-term use of these products can lead to liver damage, a weakened immune system, increased tolerance of the drug, and more.…

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Importance of Calcium and How to Get More

By ghsdoc / April 15, 2020 /

Nearly everyone can remember being told as kids to drink up all of their milk so that they can grow up to have strong, healthy bones. And while calcium is most associated with bones, our bodies need calcium for a variety of things, and there are dozens of foods other than milk that can be…

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8 Natural Remedies for Depression

By ghsdoc / April 10, 2020 /

Depression affects millions of people, and produces undesirable symptoms such as feelings of helplessness, a loss of interest in hobbies and activities, sleep changes, loss of energy, and anger and irritability. These symptoms make it difficult for millions of people to live a quality life. And while there are prescription medications to help treat depression,…

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